SARASOTA COUNTY (SNN) - They say if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

One Suncoast pizza shop is happily taking the heat, and the hate.

Solorzano's Pizzeria is going viral for one of their specialty pizza toppings, but it's just pepperoni. 

Usually pizza debates revolve around whether or not pineapple is an appropriate topping.

This pizza argument is a bit more political.

"Joe Biden, the 'f' you can fill in yourselves," said Kenneth Palin, owner of the Solorzano's Gulf Gate and Longboat Key locations.



Solorzano's Pizzeria is serving single topping, triple letter pizzas right here on the Suncoast.

They started serving up the message in October.

On Monday, ten pizzas were sold. On Tuesday, another twenty.

"I'm not trying to be cocky. We have a very good product and we know what we're doing. We have outstanding loyal customers that love our product. They might not agree with our politics or some of the stupid things I post on Facebook and that's okay," said founder, Philip Solorzano.

Not everyone online is pleased about it.

One commenter writing, "will not buy from here. Dividing Americans is not cool."

Another social media user wrote, "FDT."

"If you wanna walk in here and order an FDT pizza we'll make it now, happily. So it's just business. It's good fun, it's light hearted humor. It's politics and it's not meant to be the end all be all," said Palin.



A twitter user wrote, "absolutely crass and disgusting! Restaurant should be boycotted by anyone with intelligence, class, and maturity, regardless of political party affiliation." 

"I love it. Please, please boycott us. That would be like the 500th boycott which does nothing but bring us more business," said Solorzano. 

Despite the mixed opinions, Solorzano's seems to be making extra dough. They're even designing t-shirts for fans to rep around town.


"Business owners have also reached out to us and said hey, listen, we wish we were in a position to where we could be true to ourselves and say what we really want to say," said Palin. 

"I love ruffling those feathers. I love pressing those buttons and you know why? Because why not," said Solorzano.

The t-shirts sold out before the shipment even arrived. 

They plan to order another round next week.