SARASOTA (SNN)-- 1 in 40 Askenazi Jewish men and women carry a BRCA mutation that can lead to a higher risk of breast, ovarian, and prostate cancer.

Women who test positive for the BRCA mutation have over a 70% chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. 

In honor of October being Breast cancer awareness month; Jewish Organization, Yodeah has partnered with the Florida Breast cancer awareness organization to raise awareness about this mutation.

BRCA mutations elevate the risk of certain cancers in my patients but knowing if my patients have one of these genetic mutations helps me to take care of them," said Gynecologist Dr. Liz Etkin- Kramer.

If you're looking to get tested for the BRCA mutation you can see a doctor or speak with a genetic counselor. Visit for more information on the BRCA mutation.