SARASOTA (SNN-TV) - In a season that’s had ups and downs for Sarasota High school one bright spot has been that of Caleb Bradley. A transfer from Booker High school, Bradley plays both ways for the Sailors as a wide receiver and defensive back. Off the field though is where Bradley has made the largest impression. Struggling educationally while at Booker, accruing a 2.2 GPA, Bradley transferred to Sarasota, where initially he was worrisome in terms of his grades, but found the proper supports system in time.

"When I first got here, I thought it was a little rough for me and my start off. I just felt like I was drafting behind, but then, they’ve been on me a lot about my grades and its put me in a place where I’m at right now.”

Realizing and finding the help he needed upon transferring to Sarasota, helped Caleb evolve as a student. One of the people who helped him in this venture was Sarasota’s Academic Coach Davian Spires, who says he only had to push Caleb in the right direction.

“He just needed somebody that was going to be on him and make sure he believed in himself first. It was nothing that I especially did, other than just showing him the assignments that he needs to take care of, and hold him accountable. After that, Caleb is a very smart young man, he just applied himself.”

On top of the coaching he receives from Mr. Spires off the field, he’s pushed day in and day out on the field, by Sailors head coach Brody Wiseman, who says Caleb has set himself up well for his next steps.

“He’s been a story on our campus that everyone’s really proud of. What he’s been able to do and how he’s been able to turn everything around. Straight A’s right now this semester. We’re really proud of him for doing that and putting himself in a position, where this time next year, he’s got an opportunity to move on and go get an education somewhere.”

And the straight A’s are only part of the results; Bradley has also upped his GPA now to a 3.8 while taking advanced classes at Sarasota. Success was a non-negotiable result though for Caleb, who realized that education and athletics can’t co-exist without the other.

‘It’s important with my coaches and my staff. My parents broke it down to me in my head, you can’t go no further in football if your academics is not right.”

Building off his new found success at Sarasota High, Carl Reynolds Law Student-Athlete of the Month, Caleb Bradley, only has on thing to say to those following a similar path.

“Be a student before you’re an athlete.”

In college, Caleb plans to play football and/or run track, all while pursuing a degree in Engineering.