Benjamin Moulton confesses to rage killing from 10 years ago after finding "Jehovah and couldn't live with the guilt anymore," according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

On Wednesday, Moulton walked into the Manatee County Sheriff's Office Operations Center and confessed to murdering Nicole Scott in December of 2011 in a fit of rage. 

Scott's body was found in a wooded area north of University Parkway on December 11, 2011 partially clothed and with visible trauma to her face. An autopsy later confirmed Scott was strangled to death and was likely dumped at the wooded area days before her body was discovered.

Moulton was questioned by detectives during the investigation of Scott's murder, but he denied any kind of involvement and there was insufficient evidence to link Moulton to the murder. 

In his confession, Moulton gave details of the homicide that were never released to the public. The State's Attorney's Office was briefed and Moulton was charged with the First Degree Murder of Nicole Scott. 

This is a developing story.