SARASOTA COUNTY (WSNN) - Parents, if you’re looking for a place to put your kids after school, one program in Nokomis has you covered. And it includes horses.

These 62-acres of land are now open to kids for some after-school business.

"We going to provide homework help to students and a just a time to get out and have some great outdoor activities after school and learn about horses and learn about horsemanship," InStride Equestrian Center Diana Bregman said.

Easter Seals is partnering with InStride Equestrian Center to offer horse-related activities and ranch-based learning for students in elementary school.

"Our organization is utterly fantastic," EasterSeals of SW Florida

If need be, InStride staff will pick up students in the after-school program from three Sarasota County schools:  Laurel Nokomis, Venice, and Island Village Montessori.

The Program Director says they want to help expand their program and support the original mission of Hippo Therapy.

"Basically like physical therapy on horseback," Bregman said. "We also have occupational, language, and behavioral therapy for children and adults on horseback.”

This is why EasterSeals officially acquired InStride this past January.

"It made perfect sense because both organizations serve kids with disabilities in a variety of different programs, so it was just a natural fit," Ryan said. "And we’re able to do more through efficiencies.”

 The afterschool program is launching on August 30th, with a weekly 45-dollar fee. It does not include riding lessons, but they are coming soon in the fall.

The program is open from school dismissal to six in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. InStride is always looking for volunteers. For more info on the after-school program, you can visit their website, here or call 941-412-9333.