SARASOTA - The Florida Center for Early Childhood has room to brag.

The nonprofit has just been named one the Best nonprofits to work for. This is the second year in a row 'The NonProfit Times' gives The Florida Center this title. The Center employees about 123 people in programs focused on at-risk infants and children.

"It’s not something we tell oh we’re the best, it’s our staff that completed the survey and shared information regarding their perspective and how they feel about working here. Our staff deal with a lot of hard stuff so for them to be supported in a way that helps them continue to do this really hard work is really important to us," says The Center's CEO Kristie Skoglund.

The Florida Center for Early Childhood has been helping families now for more than 40 years. Skoglund says the organization hopes to keep the momentum and be named in the top 50 national non-profits again next year, for the third year in a row.