SARASOTA - If the smells coming from Rise & Nye’s don’t get you in the front door, the story behind it will.

From Down syndrome to autism, most of the Rise & Nye’s employees have a developmental or intellectual disability.

“So this is their shop, and we’re here to support them and make it happen for them, give them a place to be seen and heard and included," Co-Founder Beaver Shriver said.

Kristi Stadler is part of that inclusion revolution.

“I love working here," Stadler said.

They opened in downtown Sarasota's State St. in December 2020.

“Kind of a tough time to open up," Shriver said. Attorney Carl Reynolds wanted to help.

“I just admire what you do, applaud you, and we need to support this business here in our community because of what he gives back to our community," Reynolds said.

For a local business born in the pandemic, this will help give those with special abilities a chance to hone their work skills, while making more than minimum wage. Above all, Shriver says it helps customers focus on what the employees can do, instead of what they can’t.

“...and realize they have abilities, not just that one disability you might be able to see," Shriver said. "They can make coffee, scoop your ice cream; they can run the register."

“It’s fun to be here," Stadler said.