WASHINGTON D.C. (WSNN) - SNN has an exclusive video of people claiming to have been kicked off an airplane for being  “Trump Supporters."

An anonymous Manatee County resident who went to the Trump protests at the Capitol captured the scene, mid-afternoon Friday at the Reagan Airport in Washington DC.

The passenger kicked off the plane says it was Delta Airlines. 

The man in the video is saying, “They’re kicking us off the plane for being a Trump Supporter.”

“I said Trump 2020 and they kicked me off the plane," said the man in the video. 

The woman wearing a red jacket said "All I did was cheer. I have no money to get home. This is communist, China now.”

The anonymous Manatee County resident posted on Facebook saying, “A Delta pilot was just “escorted “ off his flight for being a domestic terrorist because he was talking about our President!”

The flight attendants who spoke to the Manatee County resident said the pilot was not allowed to fly the plane.