SARASOTA-  City of Sarasota provided businesses with new window signs and yard signs to remind customers about the mask ordinance.

Since the ordinance passed at the beginning of the month, the city of Sarasota has seen wide compliance. City Manager Tom Barwin says people are doing the right thing to help protect the entire community, as they work to get back to normal and businesses up on their feet.  The City of Sarasota has seen wide support for the ordinance since before the ordinance passed, and the city is becoming a safe-zone for shoppers.

 “Businesses would like to see people wearing masks,” City Manager Tom Barwin said. “Especially, think about it from a small business perspective, when you and your family and those two or three employees you have their income, their rent, their ability to pay their bills and put food on the table depends on them staying healthy and having some customers, and if we all do this together, it’s really a community building opportunity.”

The City of Sarasota is completing their citation forms, and they are still working on educating the public. But, written violations and fines remain an important option for the city.