SARASOTA - Florida Highway Patrol reports a FedEx truck was attempting to make a left turn on Hummingbird Ave onto State road 72 when it struck the left front of a vehicle traveling eastbound.

Eastbound Clark Road was shut down after the crash happened just after 1:30 afternoon Friday.
Both drivers were transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.

"We have one injury that is critical and we have one that is minor. At this point in time, the Florida Highway Patrol continues to work the scene to remind everyone, let's pay attention, although it's a beautiful day out, let's put the phone down and put both hands in the wheel and let's get to our destination safely," said Florida Highway Patrol State Trooper, Kenn Watson. 

While the investigation is ongoing, the Florida Highway patrol commercial vehicle enforcement team is making sure that all vehicles were in proper working order prior to the crash.