SARASOTA - A Punta Gorda Police officer and his bride to be are reunited after she spent nearly a month treating patients battling the coronavirus.

Officer Cody Smith surprised his fiancé Devon Snedeker at SRQ Airport as she arrived from New York after spending three weeks tending to patients at one of the central hots-pots in the U.S. for the virus.

Snedeker says she is doing fine and has not tested positive for coronavirus. But out of precaution she and Smith says they’ll be quarantining themselves and keeping a safe distance from one another.

“We can physically see each other which is super exciting, but I can’t – I can’t kiss him," said Snedeker. "I can hug him and we did, but it’s definitely emotional to see him and see him safe."

Smith says now that his fiancé is back, the two can make up for lost time. “As far as the future and what it holds for us, we don’t even know but as long as we’re we know we’ll be happy,” said Smith.

Snedeker and Smith say they’ve decided to move their wedding date from May to August.