SARASOTA- A Sarasota High School student creates a short film, seeing the Suncoast in the age of social distancing and quarantining

“I thought I’d capture this moment. I think it is pretty historical. Hopefully it will never happen again or anything like that. I really just wanted to capture it.”

Aspiring filmmaker, Sadie Phillips created Ghost Town, a short film, sharing a piece of time through her eyes and her lens.

“It’s pretty crazy. In the video, going downtown and seeing no cars on streets, all the restaurants were closed and there was just no one there.  It’s very strange and eerie.”

In the midst of isolation, Phillips shares a message of solidarity.

“At the end I put ‘one world together.’ I just wanted people to know that we’re all going through this together and we will get through it together.”  

As the community searches for a new normal, Phillips says she’s looking ahead to brighter days.

“It'll be great seeing Sarasota being its old self and seeing all the restaurants, people out on the beaches, downtown, it will just be nice to have that normal feeling again.”

To see Ghost Town, click here.