SARASOTA - A nonprofit chapter in Sarasota has little funding left, and they want your help. Front Line Appreciation Group, or FLAG, is feeding front line health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic. FLAG takes 100 percent of donated funds and funnels them directly to local restaurants.

Wendi Rossiter, the Sarasota Chapter Leader for FLAG,  says she wants her chapter to last a little longer until they're no longer needed.

"Because the people on the front line are really putting their lines on the line every day. You know, they risk getting COVID and bringing it home to their families, and I think they deserve some appreciation," Rossiter says.

Rossiter says the group has about a week or two of funding left.

She hopes for more donations so her chapter can also help fire departments and police officers in the area, in addition to health care workers the chapter is currently aiding.

To donate, text FLAGS SRQ to 44321 or click on this link.