HAINES CITY - Some aggressive squirrels are making themselves at home, while also making life miserable for one Florida family. Annie Peavey says squirrels have moved into the condominium she's renting in Haines City.

After being tormented for 25 days, she is at wits end. While she admits it sounds silly, Peavey says the squirrels have destroyed her furniture and peace of mind. Cell phone pictures and videos show the squirrels hanging out in the living room on Dec. 20. Another time, the place was ransacked by rodents, and no one is taking responsibility.

According to the property manager the squirrels got in through a hole on the outside of the property. The property manager claims the HOA closed the hole, trapping the squirrels - so now, the HOA is responsible. This tug of war only makes things worse for Peavey and her 9 yr old son, so they contacted WFLA to help find a solution with 8 On Your Side.