SARASOTA - Jordan Jones has dedicated her career to serving others.

 “I was working in the nonprofit world, and I was really seeing that there was a need for this particular type of business," Jones said. "There was nothing else like it out there.”

She thought why not merge her two passions: travel, and helping those with disabilities?

“I worked for Carnival Cruise Lines so that really gave me some inspiration of trying to figure out a way to provide services and things for this population," Jones said.

After two years of planning, she left her nonprofit job, and Empowering Adventures was born.

“I just had $3,000 to my  name and decided to start the business," Jones said.

Through Empowering Adventures  Jones coordinates all inclusive, supervised trips for adults with disabilities.

“It's giving that traveler an opportunity to showcase independence, interact with peers, really empower them, and give them an opportunity to travel," Jones said.

First up is Disney World. Adam Carmona can hardly wait.

"I haven't been there in 11 years,” Carmona said. “I think it’s gonna be fun meeting new people from other facilities."

Jones says it's also a comfort to parents to know their kids can have fun and be safe.

“CPR, first aid, medication dispersal, all of our staff have to be certified in that particular field," Jones said.

She's truly empowering Adam and others through adventure.

"This population means so much to me that everyday I feel like i’m living my dream," Jones said. "I’m making a difference in the world so for me, that’s what inspired me to go forward with this."

If you or a loved one have a disability and want to apply for a spot on an upcoming trip, click here. You must be 18 or older to go and pricing depends on the needs of the traveler.