SARASOTA- Blood Banks across the country are seeing shortages, with Suncoast Blood Bank’s stores at critical or urgent levels for the past six weeks, now even our service members are seeing a shortage.  Suncoast Blood Bank got an important message this week. Please send any blood you can spare to the military.

“We don’t get any more information than that,” Giroux said. “And we want to help, but we can’t because we don’t have enough blood to serve our own community, so we’re asking our community to reach out and not only provide enough blood for our own patients but allow us to support our troops.” 

It seems even the military has fallen victim to blood donation shortages being seen across the country.

“We rarely see a request like this come through,” Griroux said. “Simply because the military is self-sustaining with blood products, so when they do come through, we try our absolute best to fufill our need.”

 Blood Donors of every type are needed at Suncoast Blood Bank, but there is currently a critical need of O negative and O positive.

“We consider the military our heroes, here, abroad,” Giroux said. “But when you donate blood your also a hero, you’re a local hero, it is a very selfless act, just like our troops.”

Donated Blood goes to help people in trauma situations, medical emergencies, and cancer therapies.

“And the people who receive your blood or platelets this week will always be grateful,” Giroux said. “You’ll never meet them, but you’ll know in your heart, you’ve not just saved a life, you’ve saved a family.” 

And this week you can help our service members.

“People are always looking for ways to support our troops,” Giroux said. “And donating blood today, this week, would be a great way to do that.”

You can find more information on how to donate and donation center locations at