SUNCOAST - When you live in paradise, the demand is high for living quarters. That is proving to be true here on the Suncoast.

Apartment rents are on the rise here. In fact, rents in Sarasota remain more expensive than many U.S. cities, according to the Herald Tribune. Sarasota's $1,403 average monthly rent for a two–bedroom apartment was $178 higher than the state and $211 more than the nation.

Bradenton had higher annual rent hikes than the state average, while Sarasota, Englewood and North Port each jumped higher from November to December than the Florida and national rates.

The region's lowest monthly rate for a one–bedroom unit was $574 in Englewood.

Pembroke Pines was again the most expensive in Florida, with a two–bedroom apartment going for $2,405 per month.