BRADENTON - Merry Christmas, ho ho ho, and have some mistletoe? A snoozing Bradenton man received a very unwelcome awakening on Christmas Eve morning, and it wasn't from Santa or Rudolph. The man awoke to a creepy dude sucking on his toes.

The startled victim asked the toe-sucker what he was doing, and the stranger replied that he "was there to suck toes," according to the Bradenton Herald. Police say a fight ensued as the suspect tried to grab the man's genitals, and even threatened the victim with a gun. No weapon was ever displayed, or found.

The victim managed to boot the intruder out of his home, but the criminal then bashed a window to the residence and wrecked the victim's car windshield before fleeing the scene.

Authorities took DNA swabs from the victim's toes in order to track down the weirdo.