SARASOTA- The public beach access on North Shell Road has led to plenty of online debate since we first reported on the story Friday, but Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Records show the property has been causing a stir in the area for over six months.

Sarasota Sheriff’s Office records show since July 9th 2019, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Shell Road Beach 92 times.

That amounts to just over 3 calls a week.

Most of the incident reports detail complaints of people trespassing on the private beach, or illegally parking on the street at all hours of the day and night.

Most resolved quickly, like on September 10th, when Deputies found a couple sitting on a bench at 10:15 PM, they left when they learned the park closed at 9 PM.

And on November 25th, when a family with 4 children were playing in the water and building sandcastles moved the public access of the beach.

Other times the situation escalates… on November 5th… a woman on the private beach quickly moved her belongings only for someone else on the beach ran directly onto the private property with the purpose of engaging and disputing the issue.

Homeowners shared photos with our news partner the Herald Tribune… of people parking, partying, and walking their dogs on the private property late into the night.

Homeowners have also reported property damage… beach chairs being kicked breaking a cell phone on September 11th.  Two reports of the $130 dollar signs they placed being removed and damaged over the 6 months.

The continued calls to the Sheriff’s Office show no sign of slowing down.