ENGLEWOOD - Charlotte County Deputies arrest an Englewood man after neighbors called 911 reporting he was outside in his underwear screaming "at the top of his lungs," according to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office. 

Carlos Blake Suarez,32, was arrested Saturday after screaming profanities and disturbing a neighborhood.

Deputies were dispatched to a Grove City neighborhood in Englewood as several calls and online tips had come in about a man outside in his underwear screaming at the top of his lungs, waking the neighbors.


When deputies arrived, Suarez was standing in the driveway screaming profanities as they approached. As the deputies got closer, Suarez would quickly go inside the home just to come back out to yell at them. After several retreats back inside the home, Suarez walked outside slinging his genitals and screaming profanities at deputies.

Suarez was advised he was under arrest and once again attempted to run inside his home. After refusing to comply, Suarez was tased and arrested.

He's charged with exposing sexual organs and disturbing the peace.