SARASOTA- A Sarasota Woman arrested for stealing more than one million dollars from the person she was supposed to be taking care of.

55-year-old Anna Bullinger was caring for her 94-year-old client for a four-year period. When the elderly Nokomis women died, her family found discovered suspicious bank transactions. A Sheriff’s Office investigation found that Buillinger deposited a $90,000 check the day after the victim died, and more than 147 cashed checks totaling more than a half a million dollars over the last four years. Bullinger is also suspected of transferring a trust to her daughter valued at $650,000. Detective Verdoni says Bullinger took advantage of an elderly woman.

 “The statute specifically says it’s someone you trust,” Detective Carlos Verdoni said. “Your hiring them to help you with your day to day information, ,maybe go to the doctor, go to the bank, so your’re basically giving them a key to your life, and when your elder you’re basically expecting that person to take care of you that’s why they’re a caretaker.”

Bullinger is charged with one felony count of exploitation of the elderly. She was released Tuesday on a $50,000 bond.