BRADENTON -Lawyers for the Bradenton grandmother tased by a Manatee County deputy have filed an intent to sue the Sheriff's Office.

The video has now gained national attention, 70-year-old Grandmother Barbra Pinkney, pushed to the ground and tased by Manatee County Sheriff’s Deputies.

“As a young black man,” Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump said. “I am offended, I am outraged that they would do this to our shero here.”

Deputies had an arrest warrant for her Grandson, Tevin Turner, Pinkney did not want to let them in without a search warrant… a Deputy explained all they needed was an arrest warrant.

“It wasn’t right,” Pinkney said. “Because I asked them not to come, and he said he was coming in anyway.”

Attorney Ben Crump says tasing Ms. Pinkney was excessive.

“They threw this grandmother on the ground and tased her repeatedly,” Crump said. “Because she said she had the right to the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Sheriff Rick Wells says an arrest warrant gives Deputies legal right to enter the home.

“They have a legal right to go in when you have an arrest warrant and to search for him,” Sheriff Wells said.

Wells says using a taser is safer when people are refusing to comply with Deputies.

“We use those for times when we know we’re struggling,” Wells said. “It reduces the chance of someone being hurt, including our deputies, so as long as they have an active arrest going on, they can use the taser.”

But the Sheriff says they are taking allegations of excessive force seriously, placing the Deputy involved on administrative leave and conducting a thorough investigation. But, Pinkney’s lawyers say more needs to be done.

“So we’re asking the Sheriff to stand up,” Michele Rayner-Goolsby said. “We’re asking him to take leadership, to take ownership, and these officers not just be placed on administrative leave, but they need to be fired.”