NOKOMIS - Shots rang through a neighborhood in Nokomis, Thursday night. A drive-by shooting sent Bullets spiraling through a home in the 800 block of Forest Street.

Gunfire went through Brenda Hardy's house and several vehicles. The shots startled Hardy, who says she was just watching TV when she heard the gunfire.

"I was a nervous wreck,"  Brenda Hardy said. "It scared me, I didn’t know if anybody had got shot, and I didn’t know where the bullets went, so I just came to make sure everybody was safe. I came out the house to make sure everybody was safe.”

Deputies had already arrived when she came outside.

"Yesterday evening at about 5:30 pm," Lieutenant Jason Mruzcek said. "Sarasota Sheriff’s office patrol deputies responded to the 800 block of Forest street in Laurel Nokomis in reference to multiple gunshots being fired at two vehicles and a residence.”

Luckily no one was hurt. Hardy was with her nephews and one of her brothers when it happened. Her brother, Ted Charles, says he saw several she casings , he believes were from an AR15 rifle.

The family suspects it to be two men driving a gray or silver 4-door mercury.  

Area residents say it’s not a dangerous neighborhood.  

"I come here probably, maybe once or twice a week to bike," area resident, Don Nelson said. "And, it’s usually very quiet. I mean I haven’t heard anything, that’s why I was a little surprised when you indicated there had been a shooting of some type here.”

Hardy feels it was a targeted shooting.

"I don’t know, I think it’s an ongoing feud," Hardy said. "They need to turn to Jesus, instead of turning to bullets.”

Detectives are still investigating .

"Our patrol deputies, Canine unit, and our aviation unit were used to search for the suspects," Lieutenant Mruzcek said. "Our forensic services and detectives from the criminal investigation section also responded to continue with the follow-up investigation.”

If anyone has information, you can contact the Sheriff’s office at 941-316-1201 or contact anonymously through crime stoppers at 366-TIPS.