SARASOTA - A special wish comes true for a sophomore at Pine View School. 

At the age of 2, doctors diagnosed Max LaForge with having Cystic Fibrosis.  Max says it a lot better today, but it’s not always 100 percent on the inside. Even so, he keeps a positive attitude.

"I like staying positive cause I know a lot of kids have it rough," Max LaForge said. "So, I just try to stick through those rough days, and I know it will get better.”

And today a dream comes true

 “It’s been a dream of mine to just meet them.”

Friday, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southwest Florida arranged for Max to meet the New Orleans Saints football team… to attend a private practice …. and to attend the game on Monday.

During the big reveal, the Pine View Jazz Band performs “When the Saints Come Marching In.”  The whole experience shocked Max.

"It was great, I didn’t know my whole family was going to be here," LaForge said. " I just saw them all walkout. it shocked me. And then I look back and all my friends were all like smiling and videoing it. It was pretty cool.”

But, for Max, it’s not just about meeting the Saints; it’s also about sharing the moment with his loved ones.

"Quality time with my family and doing what I love with the people I love, that will probably be the biggest part for me,” LaForge said. 

Whenever Max was at the hospital, there was always someone by his side. His mom, Cara Covert, says it’s a very emotional moment for them.

"It’s an arduous journey having a child who’s got a chronic illness," Cara Covert said. "But, for him to be able to be recognized and be spoiled for a little while is wonderful.”

The LaForge family is excited to go to New Orleans and share the experience with Max.