SARASOTA - Sarasota Police arrest man from Monday night’s shooting at 10th Street Boat Ramp. 

Police arrest Kurt Jacobsen for Aggravated Battery with a Firearm.  Detectives say a loud phone call led Sarasota man to shoot another man on December 9 around 4:30 pm. Lieutenant  Robert Armstrong explains.

"There were two males there that were involved in some type of argument," Lt.  Robert Armstrong said. "During the argument, one of the males pulled out a hand gun and did shoot the other male. When our officers arrived on the scene, we tended to the victim with a single gunshot wound in the lower extremities."

According to the arrest report, witnesses said the victim was cursing and yelling at someone on the other end of the phone. Jacobsen was in a van trying to take a nap and yelled to the victim to be quiet. The victim told the suspect he wasn’t talking to him. Jacobsen went to the van, grabbed his gun, and shot the victim. Lieutenant Armstrong says the victim had one single gunshot go through his thigh to the groin. After, the victim apologized. Jacobsen, then drove away in his van.

Lt. Armstrong says no one else was hurt.

"Definitely an isolated incident. It did occur at the boat ramp" Lt. Armstrong said. "They didn’t have anything to with boating or anything like that. They just happened to be at the boat ramp."

The boat ramp is open to the public.

Detectives say the victim has non-life threatening injuries.