SARASOTA -  Can you picture a mini morality play taking place on a busy Suncoast road? It happened.

Here is the conundrum. A bread truck drops its load along S. Tamiami Trail. Dozens of loaves fall to the asphalt. A silver BMW pulls up.

“Somebody took the bread! I’m appalled. Unbelievable that somebody would take someone else’s misfortune and make it worse!” says MIllie Headdy of Sarasota.

“Oh no, are you kidding me!? They didn’t help pick it up? Well, they did pick it up and put it in their vehicle!” says the Lance's of Venice.

Like every good story, there’s a protagonist to combat the antagonist. As if right on cue the black Nissan sweeps in.

“That makes my heart warm again. It restores my faith in humanity which I temporarily lost when seeing what the first participant did," says Headdy.

A sentiment echoed by others I spoke with.

“Maybe not steal all the bread immediately. Luckily it’s nothing anything that’s going to hurt anybody’s car if you run it over but you should get it out of there as quick as you can," says Sarasota photographer Dylan Cox.

“Oh bless their hearts. Awesome, good soul," says Lance.

While the alleged bread burglar is long gone, our hero in a hoodie stays until the last crumb is picked up.

So we leave this question, what would you do?