SARASOTA - Cyber Monday concludes a huge string of sales after Black Friday sales started Thanksgiving week. We set up shop on Main Street in Sarasota to see what people were doing.

Richard Russ was taking a walk when we greeted him. He says he and his wife support local businesses and prefer going to the mall because he feels it's more personable.

Nancy tries not to buy anything but is tempted because of how big some of the sales are.

Kelly Van Vleet and her father, Tom, have different views: Kelly loves doing a lot of shopping, even if the gifts aren't for Christmas. Her father doesn't like shopping online or in-person.

And Tom Ross told us he just never felt the need to do anything.

Whether you are of low-income -- especially our disabled Suncoast residents who take advantage of sales to get things they can't afford at full-price, or you love shopping in general, or you avoid shopping at all costs, we hope the holiday shopping season is as fun and painless as possible!