BRADENTON - 3 Key’s Brewing on Manatee Avenue host their first Brew & Browse Craft Market. Dozens of vendors set up  shop in front of the brewery selling their jewelry, clothes, and even CBD and hemp products.

Owner of 3 Key’s Brewery Gabriel Schmitz says he wants to turn the brewery into a community hangout spot with events like the craft fair.

"Kinda of our goal at 3 Key’s is not only to create great beer and food but we want to build a sense of community," said Schmitz. "We saw that there was a good sense of community with 3 Key’s and so that was our goal we wanted to build on that sense of community and that’s what doing this really helps strengthen the community.”

Laura Alcover owns Alcover Massage. She says the craft fair helps push shopping local and small to patrons visiting the brewery

"It’s great that they’re bringing local business owners together and a lot of grass root companies, so we’re all together and we’re all presenting what we have to offer to local community and the more we have get togethers like this the better it is for business and community at the same time,” said Alcover.

Schmitz says he hopes he can continue to do craft fair among other events as 3 Key’s continues to grow.