SARASOTA - A thanksgiving miracle: Two long-lost sisters meet for the first time after 56 years. Deborah Colosimo Shaffer is elated to see her family for the first time.

"When you really think that there's someone out there that is your blood and that you're going to meet her in 56 years, there's really no words to describe how I feel."

Deborah lived in an abusive home with her mother and, who she thought was her father," Deborah Colosimo Shaffer said. "It wasn’t until she got married and needed her birth paperwork, she found out her birth father and sister were out there... So she began to look for them. But, her father passed before she had a chance to meet him.

"I didn't know him and I wanted to," Deborah said.

A Mother’s Day gift from her children led her to find her sister. She had always thought she was Cherokee Indian but was never sure. So her family looked into ancestry dot com. Turns out she’s Italian.

"It says immediate family, sister. Her father was Italian, her mother was English," Deborah said. "And so I knew that this was my sister (cries), that I had been looking for all of my life."

Theresa Curtis Colosimo had been searching two years before Deborah.

"I always felt like something was missing," Theresa Curtis Colosimo said. "And, I just had to know who I was."

Debbie’s mom adopted her sister out to save her from her abusive step-father.

"And she really was the lucky one to be adopted," Deborah said.

The family is excited for life ahead together.

"To know that we didn't have each other, and now we do, and we're family," Deborah said.

It's like a whole new life, a whole new life to start all of it," Theresa said.

It’s a thanksgiving they will never forget. A feast of food and emotions filled the Colosimo family house on Thanksgiving.