SARASOTA CO - What do you associate with Thanksgiving? Family? Food? Football? How about a trip to a local Walmart? Many Suncoast residents could be found getting some last minute shopping done this morning. 

"Just, you know, have some dinner with my family on Thanksgiving, set up shop. My mom didn't give me a list or anything but she just told me what to get. I just have to get like four items and then I'm all set to go," local resident Mauricio Rios said. 

"We needed iceburg lettuce for a salad that my wife forgot to to buy and Publix was closed," local resident James Mruk said. 

Of course, WalMart and many other stores on the Suncoast will be jam-packed when Black Friday shopping begins later tonight. Rios and Mruk, however, are on opposite sides of the spectrum for the late-night shopping. 

"Maybe some shoes and T-shirts and some other things, I'm not sure yet. I'm still keeping my options," Rios said.

"I will not do it. I don not like fighting the crowds to save 2 dollars. I do not think it's worth it," Mruk said.