SARASOTA-  In Venice, Fans and Players are thankful they are still playing Football. Players, alumni and fans all came out to see the team practice ahead of tomorrow’s big Playoff Game.

 “We’re glad we beat Manatee last week,” Bill Wheatley said. “And we’re just  looking forward to a trip over to the other side of the state.”

“There’s a lot of teams in the state that wish they were practicing right now,” Nate Cowan said. “But right now, what is there 8 all over the state that are practicing and we get to be one of them.”

The annual Thanksgiving practice gives out of town family a chance to see the team.

“We drove down from Alabama to see our Grandson play,” Gary Haire said. “It will be the first game we’ve seen this year, he’s kicking,  and we’re very excited about seeing him play.”

Fans got coffee and donuts and a talk from Coach Peacock about what they could expect from Friday’s playoff game.

“It’s nice to say thanks for the parents to be able to get their kids here,” Coach Peacock said. “And just be supportive and be a good parent, it’s a nice way to give back and kind of say thank you to them.”

Peacock says the players are grateful for all the fans that come out all season.

“They love it,” Peacock said. “They know that we have great support here, we have great support at the games, and anything we put on here we always have great support.”

For Alumni, coming on Thanksgiving morning is just like coming back home.

“We need to come back and show our support,” Nate Cowan said. “They remember that people came back and supported them and that’s what they’re going to do as well, it’s a family here, it’s a family atmosphere.”