Heart attacks don't take time off during the holidays. The Biggest Loser's Host, Bob Harper remembers how difficult the holidays were after his heart attack, now he's helping fellow survivors navigate the emotional and physical journey following a heart attack.

"You need to have a plan of attack," said Harper, "Right, you need to set a course to get through the holidays and to do that you have to plan ahead."

From monitoring food and alcohol intake, Harper says, accountability this holiday season is key.

"Another way to really do that is to have a really good and strong support around you, to help you stay on track," said Harper.

Harper is now becoming a part of that accountability, teaming up with AstraZeneca to show survivors have heart as well has caring for their physical and emotional health even beyond the holidays.

"After you've gone through a heart attack you go through so many emotions and there's a lot of up and downs and what I try to do is give you a place you can speak freely about what you're going through, talk to the care takers who have been with you through this hard and difficult time," said Harper.

Harper says building relationships with those around you is just as important as building yourself a heart healthy relationship.

"Building a new relationship with my heart and trusting my heart again, being able to go into a gym and being able to let my heart rate go up and not being fearful of having another heart attack. All that took time and it was the relationship that I had with my doctors that helped me during this transition. You have to have a relationship with your doctors so that your really know what your health is from the inside out."