SUNCOAST - Because it is one of the biggest party nights of year, the night before Thanksgiving has become known as 'Drinksgiving.' In the Urban Dictionary, Drinksgiving is described as "the day and night before actual Thanksgiving where you drink and have fun with your friends because you'll have to endure family the whole next day."

A new report says in 2018 that there was a 34 percent increase in bar sales and 31 percent in restaurant sales on Drinksgiving compared to the previous Wednesday. Last year's Drinksgiving yielded net sales of $22.3 million. That's compared to $17.3M from the Wednesday before.

Locally, Triple-A and Gold Coast Eagle Distributors team up to keep roads safe from drinkers by offering "Tow to Go." As far as the breakdown of drinkers, statistics show 63 percent of people drink wine, and 19 percent drink beer on Drinksgiving, with 25 percent drinking in the morning and 47 percent when work is done