VENICE - The Parade returns to West Venice Avenue at 7 PM Saturday. 

Early setup of chairs along the route starts at 6 PM Wednesday but no chairs or spectators are allowed in the median of 100 to 300 blocks of West Venice Avenue in order to protect the new medians. 

No bleachers, couches, rope, stakes, tarps, canopies, or mats are allowed. These items will be removed by Public Works. 

Any chairs placed before 6 PM tonight will also be disposed. 

The parade begins at 7 PM at Park Boulevard and the parade route will be closed to all traffic at 3 P.M. Saturday including both sides of West Venice Avenue between Tampa and Venice Avenues. 

"What we're asking people to not do is set up in the medians. That's the 100, 200, and 300 block of West Venice Avenue. This is because we have new plantings there and we have braces of supports from the palm trees from the Venice Beautification Project and we don't want people to trample the plantings and we don't want there to be a trip hazard with the palm trees," City of Venice's Lorraine Anderson said.