SARASOTA - It was Goodwill Veterans Services that brought Billy Nobles and Bryan Jacobs together, when Nobles heard about Vets 2 Success.

"He just hit the ground running and never looked back," Jacobs said.

Veteran Bryan Jacobs, started the program after losing his brother to veteran suicide and being in a state of homelessness.

“It's become such an epidemic in the world that even though it is slowly changing, it’s still just sad in general. Billy’s not the only one in Sarasota- Manatee that faces homelessness. He’s probably one of a couple hundred," Jacobs said.

"I was on the verge of suicide because of it," Nobles said.

Nobles had food experience before Vets 2 Success. Jacobs was just the missing ingredient.

"I was his very first honors student when I graduated his first class," Nobles said.

Nobles graduated twice, from both the chef and baker programs.

“Baking is my passion," Nobles said.

He found love in food through Vets 2 Success and got a job at a local restaurant.

"We wanna see their eyes light up again; we wanna see their smiles come back," Jacobs said.

Some of Billy’s smile has faded. He recently lost his job. H. Bowen Summer of Carl Reynolds Law, a veteran himself, surprised Billy with A Helping Hand.

"It was a big surprise and greatly, greatly appreciated," Nobles said.

We asked Jacobs to find a veteran who deserved this gift, and he instantly thought of Billy.

“Someone like Billy who just constantly gives himself when even he doesn’t have, that’s the people you wanna reward," Jacobs said.