LAKEWOOD RANCH - The Mustang Club of West Central Florida host the 28th annual Ponies under the Palms Car Show on Main Street Lakewood Ranch. More than 180 Mustangs and Fords were on display for the world to admire the beauty of these classic cars.

"There’s the classic ones, 64’s and a half’s some very nice restored ones, they’re just as original as can be," said Lee Fitz Stephens. "All the way up to brand new ones that are modified or stocked, and everything in between.”

Stephens, president of the Mustang Club of West Central Florida, says the car show allows for the Mustang community to come together and share in their passion for these fast cars. Jonathan Fuss says he first fell in love with the Mustang from a very young age.

"It’s just a fun way to relieve your youth and this particular car has a little bit of pep in it, and they’re just lots and lots of fun,” said Fuss.

It can take thousands of dollars to maintain and preserve these classic cars, but all it takes is passion and a whole lot of wax to make them look like new again.

"I can tip you in on a little secret," said Fuss. "If you put a little bit of vinegar and water in a spray bottle you can get all the hard water off, and they clean up and shine up and look as pretty as this car.”

Louis Voci owner of Luigi’s Wild Mustang Garage fell in love with the classic car at 16-years-old. He turned his passion of restoring classic cars into a dream.

"I have all my ponies and the carol here," said Voci. "I’ve been living the dream all my life and it’s time to share my dream with the world and I want to build somebody else’s dream.”

Voci and Fuss both agree it takes a whole lot of man power to keep these cars in tip top condition and both hope the next generation of Mustang lovers will be inspired by their prize possessions.

100% of the proceeds from the car show go to Take Stock of Children in Manatee and South Eastern Guide Dogs.