ENGLEWOOD BEACH - Spectators came out in droves Saturday for the first day of the Racefest at Englewood Beach. 

"I think it's the excitement. It's like any other race or competition. They like to see something that they can't see all the time. There's not a lot of television coverage for powerboat racing so seeing it in person attracts a lot of fans," race director Ken Stead said. 

The waters of Englewood Beach brings in racers from all over the country, including the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based team FastBoys. 

"We created a team out of the central Pennsylvania area and we've been doing the whole race circuit. It's a brand new team. Fortunately, I have a great team - a bunch of friends joined with me and there all here. We have probably like 20 people that came down from up in Maryland and the Pennsylvania area and they're just helping and having fun with us," FastBoys owner Ken Bolinger said.

Fastboys as well as many of the powerboat teams say that Englewood, Florida, is one of their favorite stops to make throughout the year. 

"Engelwood is beautiful. Obviously, I come down from 35 degree weather last week down to 80 degree which is beautiful. The pits are right here so we can walk right to the beach into the pits and the cranes. It's all within walking distance. The area is beautiful. It's nice coming down here," Bolinger said. 

"They absolutely love Englewood. We have racers from Japan and all over the country here this weekend," Stead said.