MANATEE COUNTY - A car burst into flames on the Suncoast, leaving a driver dead. Early Friday morning, a car was traveling westbound on Singletary Road, approaching Rexrode Road. The driver missed the curve, went off the roadway, and went through a fence line... colliding the car against an oak tree. Florida State Trooper, Kenn Watson, says this is not unusual.

"When you're that far east of the interstate, these roads are wide open," Kenn Watson said. "You have a lot of wildlife out there, and unfortunately, we have a tendency to drive a little bit faster, when there's not that additional traffic out there. But, because of the wildlife, and because of the curving of that roadway we do have a lot of crashes out there."

The investigation is still ongoing. If you have any information, Florida Highway Patrol encourages you to contact them at 239–938–1800  or *FHP (*347) on a cell phone.