SARASOTA - The holidays bring on many things. Good times with family and friends, and deep-fried turkeys. Thanksgiving is a peak day for home cooking fires. The spark you want this Thanksgiving is not a burnt turkey. The Sarasota County Fire Department shows you what not to do this Thanksgiving.  Fire Chief Michael Regnier says he sees fires happen way too often.

"We respond to calls people didn't take the preparation seriously," Fire Chief Michael Regnier said. "And then we end up having a problem, and they have to respond and put the fire out, or somebody gets hurt."

When frying a turkey, it’s important to take the necessary precautions. Assistant Chief Mike Hartley explains the safety tips you should take.

"The oil should be no more than 350 degrees," Assistant Chief Mike Hartley said. "Common is for individuals at their residence to overheat the oil. You want to cook at 350 degrees. And, obviously, children and pets need to be kept an eye on and away from that hot oil."

Assistant Chief Hartley adds the importance of oil level in the pan.

"Before you start, it starts with early preparation," Hartley said. "Take your pan, put your turkey in it, then pour the oil in. And you'll know what oil is the proper amount to not overflow when you introduce the turkey."

The turkey also needs to be thawed out completely before put in the pan.

"Oil and water do not mix well without a violent reaction," Hartley said.

In their demonstration, there was too much oil, it was above 350 degrees, and the turkey was not thawed out. 

"If you don't do everything right," Harley said. "It could cause major problems for you at your residence, especially somebody getting burned."

Burns are significant injuries, especially if past the skin layer. If you get burned, it’s important to call 911.

"Take these precautions to heart and look out for safety for you and your family," Hartley said.

Stay safe this holiday season. If anything does happen, call 9-1-1.