SARASOTA - The event is put on by both the local non profit Mayor's Feed the Hungry and the Baltimore Orioles. Volunteers from the Mayors Feed the Hungry as well as patrons from separate organizations sorted donated food items for charities, food pantries, and religious institutions just in time for Thanksgiving outside of the Orioles' spring training stadium. 

"We have about 400 locations collection food for us and about 300 volunteers. We expect to get over 60 tons of food brought in today and about 3,000 turkeys," Mayor's Feed the Hungry Executive Director Scott Biehler said. 

"I just think it's awesome to be able to give back to the community really in any way possible, so, to be down here spending my offseason training down here when an opportunity comes up like this I can't miss it so I'm really happy to be able to help." Orioles Relief Pitcher Evan Phillips said.