It’s the season of giving and Creekwood Dental is giving the gift of health. From cleaning to fillings, providers are serving the Suncoast at no cost.

“We have a passion for dentistry and our hearts are for people," said Creekwood Dental's Tonique Benson, "So nothing is more amazing than to see someone comes and you’re able to do a filling or pull a tooth that they’re in pain. So it just helps, we are excited to come, and we are here to serve.”

Dr. Brian Harrington says there’s a direct link between oral and overall health, with more than 100 million Americans living without dental insurance, Free Dentistry Day cares for those who may not have access to dental care.

“It opens up our eyes to the amount of dentistry out there and the amount of care that’s needed for a lot of people out there that’s so hard to get," said Dr. Harrington.

Creekwood Dental serves the first 75 patients in line; Michele Doyle has been attending Free Dentistry Days for more than five years.

“They’re giving back to the community and to people that are not directly in the community," said Doyle, "This is stuff that people need. It’s a need. Just like healthcare is a need, dental work is a need because they all run together.”

Despite their free services worth, Benson says the patients’ health and gratitude is priceless.

“It’s amazing, they come in pain and they leave smiling," said Benson.

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