SARASOTA - The City of Sarasota is giving back some green when you go green and shady in this case.

As part of their Mature Tree Canopy pilot program, homeowners are being offered an incentive of up to $500 to plant approved trees.

“Well the City’s goal is to increase the green footprint. Many homeowners I run into would like to have a larger tree," says Lou Costa.

Through the pilot program spearheaded by Costa, you can select from over two dozen approved species.

“All typical trees that homeowners would want for their landscaping. The homeowner has to put in a minimum of $100 dollars. They got to have some skin in the game. All the homeowner has to do is ask the City for reimbursement," says Costa.

The City requires a licensed and insured vendor to plant the tree, like Apex Tree company owner Kary Zarem.

“We’ll help pick the location, make sure it’s the type of tree for the right location and then also install the tree," says Zarem.

Albritton’s Nursery manager DJ Lewis says the benefits from the program are two-fold.

“It will put a lot more trees out there for the wildlife and make the landscape around Sarasota look a lot better," says Lewis.

The City hopes when it comes to trees, the old saying “bigger is better” pays off.

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