VENICE - These new cameras can be seen at location like the intersections of Venice Avenue and Harbor Avenue, as well as Nassau Street and Nokomis Avenue. 

"It's definitely for the purpose of deterring crime and helping to prevent crime from ever occurring. We want people to see that these cameras are out there," Venice Police Captain Eric Hill said. 

The cameras can be difficult to identify by pedestrians and drivers in the area. While the cameras are strictly to be used by the police department to identify criminal activity, resident Sanchia Playfair is a bit skeptical to the new addition. 

"There's no crime or very little on this island and we're kind of proud of that. So, I don't know, I kind of feel like that's big brother watching," Playfair said. 

While they haven't been seen yet, Hill says they will be adding what is known as a mobile camera first at Centennial Park. 

"There is a mobile camera that is going to be loaded on a trailer that can be plugged in and utilized, so, say if there's festivals, things like that, this is nothing that's covert. It's very overt. You're going to know there's a camera in the area," Hill said.