SARASOTA- A food service worker at P.F. Chang’s in Sarasota has tested positive for Hepatitis A.

If you’ve ate at P.F. Chang’s in Downtown Sarasota in the last two weeks, you can visit the Sarasota County Health Department for a free vaccination.

“We’re lucky we found out when we have the full window period to offer vaccinations,” Drennon said. “So anyone that ate there between the 6th and I believe it is the 17th is eligible for that first vaccine free of charge.”

Sarasota Health Department’s Disease Intervention Service’s Program Manager Michael Drennon says it’s rare for people to contract Hepatits-A from a food service worker.

“It can happen,” Drennon said. “But typically you don’t see cases, or we haven’t in the past seen cases of a person acquiring it from a restaurant where a person worked, the threshold is pretty low, the requirement is pretty low, the risk is pretty low, but we want to make sure that everyone is safe.”

The best way to be safe is to get vaccinated.

“Six months later they will need a subsequent vaccine,” Drennon said. “Which there will be a charge for that, but this first one will protect them and that’s the best thing they can do right now is come in and get vaccinated.”

If a person is infected they will see symptoms about 28 days after exposure, starting with nausea and tiredness.

“Have pretty severe lower abdominal pain, may have a fever, that’s not in everyone,” Drennon said. “But in some cases a fever, and one of the real hallmark symptoms is Jaundice or yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes.”

Drennon says P.F. Chang’s is currently safe to eat at.

“We are working with the restaurant,” Drennon said. “They have been very cooperative, we have no reason for anyone not to go there now, the person is being excluded from work.”

Both the Health Department and PF Chang’s have set up information hotlines, we will have all of that information on our website SNN TV DOT COM.