SARASOTA - Many of us have the Amazon 'Alexa' feature in our homes to help us play music and tell us the weather. Now Alexa has a new feature specifically for kids with a rare health condition. 

“Ella the Jellyfish is the first Amazon Alexa skills app that was specifically designed for children with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome," Nurse Practitioner Patricia McGoldrick said. 

She says LGS is a rare epilepsy syndrome that starts in childhood and carries into adulthood.

“There are different seizure types that are very difficult to control. About 70% of children with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome have cognitive impairment," McGoldrick said.

She says Ella can help. It's a voice activated, digital health solution that’s free to enable with your Alexa.

“It allows children to self soothe; it has dancing apps, music apps, and interactive games and stories for them," McGoldrick said.

Kayleigh Keen is a mother and caregiver to a child with LGS.

“Between the frequent uncontrolled seizures, developmental delays and the behavioral disturbances, a lot of families find themselves isolated to their own homes," Keen said. "Ella was created to be a friend to those families.”

It's become part of her everyday routine.

“We love to play games with Ella; we love to utilize her calm down techniques," Keen said.

It's a health tool turned family activity, to make the tough days a little brighter. November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. You can find Ella in the Alexa skills store.