MANATEE COUNTY - An apology is better late than never, and a pastor, who was recently disrespected at a school board meeting, received one from the manatee schools superintendent.

Arthur Huggins was unceremoniously kicked out of the last Manatee County School Board meeting by a Bradenton Police officer for silently standing during the long meeting. However, at Tuesday evening's School Board meeting, the first since Huggins was removed, Superintendent Cynthia Saunders apologized saying the board wants to ensure the safety and dignity of every person who walks through the building. 

For his part, Huggins said he wants more than an apology. he wants to see disciplinary actions taken against the security officer who prompted the removal, or whoever directed the security officer, according to the Herald Tribune. He also said he has fought hard, telling people to trust the process and not to act out in a certain way to cause disruption. Now, he feels this message will fall on deaf ears because of what happened too him.