SARASOTA -- Freshman swimmer at Cardinal Mooney, and member of the Sarasota Sharks, Michaela Mattes was destined to be a swimmer.

“I always just enjoyed the feel of the water,” Mattes said.

“Obviously really special having a high school freshman winning a state championship,” Arckey said.

A freshman, competing against some of the best Florida has to offer.

“I was actually really nervous for my first states, because it was definitely a change in competition,” Mattes said.

The butterflies didn’t show, earlier this November, Mattes won gold in the 500 yard freestyle, and silver in the 200 yard individual medley, becoming the first female swimmer in Mooney history to wear a gold medal.

“She is one of the best racers on game day,” Mattes said.

Coach of the Sharks, Brent Arcky is blessed with an influx of talent from the bottom up in his program.

“We are very lucky, we have a great group of kids that like to challenge each other every day and they all represent their local high schools at a very high level,” Arckey said.

“I really love training here because everybody is competitive and has the urge to win like I do,” Mattes said.

As if this wasn't enough in one year for Mattes, up next.

“I really want to make it to the 2020 Olympic team, is the goal,” Mattes said.

The next step in that process, the Toyota U.S Open, held December 4th in Atlanta.

“I am looking forward to watching her develop over the next four years, we have a lot of time left to help her get better,” Arckey said.