Sarasota - “They call me a terrorist for supporting the protestors. My family’s lives are in danger, my house is covered in teargas,” says Sarasota student “C.”

“C” peacefully protested in Hong Kong in June. Today she worries about her 12-year-old-sister and mother back where she’s from.

“I really want to go home and be with my sister. 3 am I would get her call and she would be panicking, crying and telling me what’s happening in Hong Kong and she’s really scared and that was just really sad to me,” says “C.”

“C” says public transportation has been shut down and confirms overwhelming police presence in Hong Kong.

Fellow student “Nicole” says it’s been at least two days since she heard from friends under siege on their university campus.

“Police basically took away all their food, their water and cut off their energy supply and not letting them leave unless they basically surrender and allow police to arrest them,” says “Nicole.”

Although the situation is dire on Hong Kong university campuses, many protestors remain peaceful and hopeful they can return home unscathed.

"For me, I just want to leave here safely without charge, so I would like the police to send someone here to talk to us to see what we can do now, because I know that the policemen just want to solve this event, and then for us, we want just to leave safely,” says protestor Mr. Chan.

Both Nicole and C say deteriorating conditions in Hong Kong only add to their urgency to spread the word here in the United States.  

“We just want to speak up about this event that causing and effecting us and our homes and our families and we want to speak up about it in an open and supporting and encouraging and positive manner,” says “Nicole.”