BRADENTON - Goodwill employee is given a second chance at life. Today, Demetrius Williams, or as her friends call her, “Mimi,” becomes a homeowner. It wasn’t an easy path for Mimi, it took dedication and goodwill to get her this home today. She is an ex-offender who struggled with getting a job and owning a home. But, Goodwill Manasota team saw something  in her when they offered her a job and gave her life coaching.

"They said that they seen potential in me, they seen something that I didn’t see in myself,” Mimi said. 

Her life coaches worked with her on reaching her personal goal of owning a home. They taught her how to budget money and shop smart. 

Goodwill partnered with Community Solutions 360, a non-profit organization of helping people achieve home ownership… to make it possible. As a single woman raising three grandchildren, she preserved to make it happen.

"If you have a dream t hat you want to accomplish, strive and work hard for it, and you will get what you want in life," Mimi said. "Who would know, me, 29 or 25, I would have never believed that in a million years. But, I am so thankful that I have a home now. Me and my grandkids can live a happily ever after.”

Her grandson, Brenden Brewster,  said it wasn’t easy.

"Coming out of what she did, getting back on her feet was really hard for her," Brenden Brewster said. "But, she got through it. I’m just really happy for her.”

Mimi is overflowing with gratitude.

"Goodwill, for and foremost, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for giving me that second chance. It’s all about a hands up, not a hands out.”

Dreams really can come true. And, it’s just in time for Thanksgiving too! Mimi gets to celebrate her new home with her family and friends. She has plans to make a big Turkey dinner.