"The fact that I'm accused of gerrymandering for the next election shows the level of knowledge out there. I was elected without opposition so I don't feel I have to gerrymander a map to keep a county commission seat," Sarasota County Commissioner Nancy Detert said. 

The County Commission voted 3–2 to approve a slightly modified map that was originally drawn by former GOP chair Bob Waechter. This angers many voters from the Newtown area because they feel like it moves the predominantly black neighborhood from District 1 to district 2, which wouldn't get to vote until 2022.

This would allegedly make Commissioner Mike Moran's campaign easier because the most Democratic area wouldn't be allowed to vote during his 2020 campaign. The Commission took public feedback before making a decision Tuesday and heard from many protestors. 

"Clearly commissioner Detert and Moran are unlikely to vote for anything else than their self interest and more than turkeys would be voting for Thanksgiving next week," a local protester said. 

"Your urgency to do this at this time is mean-spirited, racial, and partisan and disregarding your constituents who you are supposed to serve," another protester said.